Sunday, February 20, 2011



I think I doodled this a week ago for Illustration Friday... the theme was... "sweater," I guess. I can't be bothered to check this late.

That day also happened to be the first day I started watching the new Young Justice cartoon. And so this was born. Ahahaaaawhat.

Also please excuse Miss Martian's vacant eyes. They didn't start out that way - I don't know what happened. D: And that's technically not Barry's costume I referenced for Wally's sweater. It's (mostly) Wally's future costume. I like it better.

And Superboy's hair is stupid and doesn't like being drawn. (Yeah, that's it.)

Anyway, I'm going to get some sleep 'cause I'm beat. Really happy that I got to finish this piece though!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. XD Hello Meghan! I'll Knit sweaters!! This is really awesome, Also I think your superhero would work for this weeks theme too, since it is Layers.