Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Almost ready for Midterms!

Well I'm halfway done, at least. This is what I just recently finished:

A spot illustration of Loki running off with Lida's voice (in the tiny - maybe too tiny - acorn.)

A full page illustration of the witch Iwona in the entrance to her home (and with her little gremlin children. I'm not quite sure what they're about yet, but I know that she actually gave birth to them... ew?)

Anyway, I've got one more black and white image on my list for midterms, where the wolf Fenrir attacks Iwona and Gerda and Lida. Fun. :3 And I want to at least start the first of my three color illustrations I have planned.

I think I'll go back into the first piece up there, to maybe give it some of the softness I got in the second piece? I don't know.

We'll see what they look like in the morning. Afternoon. Whenever I wake up. D:

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