Monday, September 20, 2010

Illustrating the Edible

So for Illustrating the Edible, we're working on a guidebook of good, affordable restaurants in the area, which is really awesome. I'm excited for this project anyway, and I was lucky enough to receive a restaurant assignment that was nearby and to my taste. Bonus, right?

Well, I've got all of the information for On the Hill Cafe, plus some personal recommendations (both my friends and I enjoyed what we had ordered). I took reference photos while I was there, outside, inside (we sat inside, so there are more interior shots), of our food.

So, here are some of the better photos taken in the restaurant:

I really love the colors of the restaurant: there's something very warm and inviting about them, and the menu written in colored chalk is lighthearted and pleasant. The atmosphere is very easy, very casual. The staff was lovely and the service was good.

All in all it was wonderful - I really can't believe I have lived a block away from On the Hill for three years and never bothered to give it a shot.

Monday, September 13, 2010

First final of the semester:

EDIT: Except I lied. I totally forgot that the Edible Illustration blog is private. Click the link if you want, but I don't think anyone will be able to see it. Kind of a shame, really. If anyone is curious as to how my assignment turned out, I've got it up on DeviantArt.

For Illustrating the Edible. Boy, was I surprised by how much I liked painting food. Pictures of food. Not on food.

Aaanyway, check out the class's work over at the Edible Illustration Blog!

Everything over there's wicked awesome, and you'll find some pretty cool people. Not a great many things up yet, but over the next couple days activity should pick up.

Liiiike my senior thesis blog.

Ahem. Now I'm going to get back to these curiously blue potato chips. Curious.