Thursday, February 17, 2011

First piece for Thesis 2

Is that the absolute least creative title I could think of or something? Geez.

Well, now I've officially started my new thesis series, focusing on the story of my troll characters, Gerda and Lida (as seen in this post, and this one too.) I am approaching this semester with a little bit more focus than the last, I think, since I'm dropping the broad series of book covers for illustrating a single story from beginning to end (I'm also going to illustrate and design the cover! D": ). It's also significantly more personal this time around, this being a story of my own creation.

Anyway, on to the actual drawing!

This was meant to be the moments after Lida's birth, when she first popped out and started wailing like all newborn babies. That's all well and good for most babies, but most babies' screams don't turn their mothers into trees.

Lida's cries have the ability to call up offshoots of the great ash tree Yggdrasil. It's pretty harmless for the tree, but not necessarily any hapless bystander who got in the way, since the shoots grow pretty indiscriminately and will swallow and absorb anything that gets caught up in branches and such. That's what happened to girls' mother, leaving Gerda alone to take care of her sister.

Honestly, everything's still pretty rough, but I'm enjoying working on it :"D

Thanks for looking!

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