Saturday, June 6, 2009

Have Some Thiii~ngs...

22 Days until Italy.

Here are some things I've done in the past couple days... It's been distressingly hard to draw or paint anything as of late, but then I switched back to acrylic, from watercolor. :")  It seems to be working!


Ahhh~  Princess Morgaine.  A character of mine :")  I hope this (and another pair of these I did a couple months ago) might turn into something of an actual series... hnn.


Here's something I did earlier tonight of Abby Boeh's webcomic, Adventures of Bee Boy~  It is a lovely little comic~
B's a little squished 'cause I don't have much paper over 5x5 inches right now.. But I made him fit!  It's like he's in an invisible box! :"D


I... don't really have anything else to say.. *flails*  Nnnngh!  Sorry!

I'm going to go watch Andrew Zimmern ingest strange things now..  and maybe eat an apple, myself?

Erin Rae

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