Saturday, July 11, 2009

Underneath the Mosquito-bitten itch..

I am a very happy person.

A very tired, but very happy person. Who also happens to be somewhat in love with a place. At least as much as one can be in love with a place.

My supper tonight might also consist solely of cake and champagne, about which I cannot complain. I was also wandering through the Pompei excavations for 9 hours yesterday; also about which I cannot complain.

If you know me on Facebook, than you might have seen my paintings, but I'll stick a few that I like up here anyway~~ :"D


Day One.

Day Two.

Day Three.

Day Four.

Obviously there've been more painting days than that, and more paintings to boot, but I like these, for the most part..


And then there's some personal, de-stressing-out-of-my-head business~


I apologize for the random cropping up there, but I'm not really sorry, haha - just exhausted. Tomorrow is a free day, so instead of last weekend's free day where I spent the day hiking all over Capri (and I MEAN HIKING.) I'm going to properly take a day off and do nothing, which I am brilliant at doing. I might even do more out-of-my-head-painting in order to decompress from the past two weeks.

Because that's how long it's been! Only a little more than two weeks left!! D":

But I'll be glad to be home with my family again; too often I've found myself wishing that they were there to see what I was seeing.. but my Mom just told me we'll be heading of to Disney World in only 36 days!! Whoot!

Well, the mosquitos are feasting on my legs down here in the hotel lobby, so I'm going to head back upstairs for a little while before cake and champagne.


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