Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A brief look back...

Here are some things that I've been doing the past couple of days, when I'm not working and researching for a paper which my professor was nice enough to give me an extension for ahaa~

Being home always makes me look back at my old interests...

Whoa look, my character from my secret LOZ: Ocarina of Time fan fiction (from... middle school.)
She never used to dress this... modestly.
And she looks kind of like a broken doll here, anyway.


Random, kind of (fail!)Egyptian lady~  Oooooh I spent way too long drawing this... and not enough time painting this - I wish her skin were a little darker..
But I was trying to work with lighting a little bit more.  hm~ 

Drawing anybody and anything from ancient Egypt proves to be a very difficult task - something I noticed many many years ago during my Mummy series and YuGiOh-induced obsession with Egypt, but seemed to have forgotten.  The drapery.  That's hardest.
I was up until 4 in the morning the day before yesterday drawing and painting this lady alone.  The first painting at the top I did a few days ago.
Needless to say I didn't stay up last night...


"..if strict monogamy is the height of all virtue, then the palm must go to the tapeworm, which has a complete set of male and female sexual organs in each of its 50 to 200 proglottides or sections, and spends its whole life copulating in all its sections with itself."

Frederick Engels, The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State

After a whole day of reading, that made me laugh rather hard.
Go tapeworms.

I hope I can finish painting the doors for our computer room this afternoon, and then tonight maybe I can play Hotel Dusk...

...has anyone ever thought of what Spongebob Squarepants would look like if he weren't a 3 inch tall sponge, but a person?


  1. Hay you, I found a book that I think might interest you.

  2. I like the second drawing (the kinda fail one lol)