Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wow I fail hard~

(originally intended to be a character of my own but.. I don't know who he is now, haha~)

Ivan Braginsky, a character of Axis Powers: Hetalia, a webcomic by Himaruya Hidekazu (Kitayume, his website)

Feliks Ćukasiewicz, another character of Axis Powers: Hetalia...

Young Herakles Karpusi and his mother, both are characters from Axis Powers: Hetalia~

I have totally been painting for the past week, and have some nice little watercolors to show for it - I've just been hesitant about putting it all up here 'cause, well.. it's (almost) all fanart.  Whooooaaaaaaa.
..but I've thought about it a little more and think, "Yeah, so freaking what?"  So hopefully I'm not alone on thinking this, haha~

So here I am once again (finally..), and have something to show for myself this time. (If you know who any of these characters are, good on ya, but I don't feel like I should blather too much about them.)

The first painting was me just fooling around with gum arabic, which I had recently bought during finals week, but hadn't yet had time to try out.
The three pieces of fanart were born from my desire to draw clothes from different times and places, specifically Russia , at first.. then followed by Poland.  The next day I wanted to try working with darker skin tones, and so I went for the Mediterranean :)
All this is because I bought this amaaaaazing book last month:

It's really bangin' and although it isn't ridiculously in-depth, it's full of full-color illustrations and brief but informative descriptions~

Well, as it's now two in the morning I'm going to leave this here..  once again, everything I do can also be viewed (somewhat larger) at my Deviant Art account, it anyone's interested.

Thank you very much~
Erin Rae  :"D

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