Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello Again!

Well, here we are. Safe and sound on the other side of the Commencement Show and Graduation! Here in the Real World! Or that's what I hear, anyway.

Here is a photo of my wall at the Commencement show, taken by my stepfather, Steve.

I was really lucky, and received a great spot in the main illustration gallery, sharing a little alcove with the wonderful Kelly Miller, and Qing Zhuang.

You'll probably recognize the black and white pieces from my Sherlock Holmes series from a year ago, but the other three paintings are all from the spring of this year. On the shelf below the paintings are the mock ups for three books covers I illustrated and designed.

(You can see them larger in my portfolio.)

I was so pleased with how everything turned out! Then I was walking in Commencement, and suddenly it was all over. With everything taken down and packed away, I am back at home and trying to jumpstart some kind of freelance career. This will be an interesting first few years, haha.

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