Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Words on Wheels

My final image for the Words on Wheels program, sans the poster template and the poem.

I was pleasantly surprised by the poem I received. It was about one's self-image, and not listening to the people who strive to bring you down and make you think less of yourself, but trusting who you are. I thought it was kind of cool that a fifth grader wrote that. I don't remember being that self-aware when I was 10.

I struggled with harmonizing the imagery and concept, and I hope that the illustration makes at least a little sense... um. Haha~


(block pattern)
(block stripe pattern)

Inspired by my random doodling of underpants.

This was just some really quick practice with patterning during Concepts 2... Now, off to research the Mother's Day market! LOL.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Week in Review (Two, really)

Illustration Concepts 2

Studio Drawing: Portrait

Lifestyle Illustration

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Was my last post really so long ago?? Wow. Well, I suppose I should continue chronicling my art-schooling... or something. Sometime this weekend I will post all the homework that I did this past week, but until then I guess I'll just share this semester's schedule.

On Monday, I have Arts in Native America and Feminist Theories of the Political (or something to that effect). These are both very interesting classes.. I listen to a lot of people talk on Monday afternoon. The readings are interesting, and make me think.

Tuesday, I decided to commit suicide weekly with double studio classes: Studio Drawing: Portrait in the morning now with 100% more Mark Karnes! (and considerably less Abbey Sangiamo, who had to drop the class for medical reasons D': ), and Lifestyle: Body and Behavior in the evening with Dan Krall.

Wednesday (which is pretty much my Friday), is my Illustration Concepts 2 class. I decided to stay with the wonderful Rebecca Bradley.

...Oh look at that, a three-day week!

I have also been attempting (with limited success) to set myself up with an internship this summer. I have some interviews coming up, so here's hoping something will work out and I can stop wondering.
If I don't intern anywhere I'll probably just try looking for a job in Waldorf. Great. Well, there's always Senior Thesis to prepare for.

In other news, a wholesale art company wants to use one of my pieces from last year on a pad of paper. I of course agreed. Awesome. I'll be on something that someone will buy... SUPER AWESOME.

Well, I wish I could post an actual image here, but I seriously did jack the entire winter break. I mean I read books... and painted my brother's bedroom and the guest room in the basement. I (tried to) entertain my Grandparents when they visited for Christmas, and went to one of my good friend's New Year party thing. We played a game called 'Body, Body' and I killed everyone. In the game of course. I swear.

For absolutely no reason, here's a list of books that I read:

The Land of the Silver Apples, by Nancy Farmer

The Islands of the Blessed, by Nancy Farmer

(Last year I read the first book of the trilogy, The Sea of Trolls)

The Candle Man Book One: The Society of Unrelenting Vigilance, by Glenn Dakin

I am currently reading:

Sherlock Holmes, by Arthur Conan Doyle (Specifically, I'm still on the first story, A Study in Scarlet).

Norse Mythology: A Guide to the Gods, Heroes, Rituals and Beliefs, by John Lindow

And whatever I need to read for my two academic classes, of course~ :)

Ah, now that I've shared entirely too much useless information about myself, here's something I drew this evening while I watched the end of the BBC miniseries of Pride and Prejudice.

Quick charcoal and pencil drawing. I should have made her chin a little smaller, I think. Oh well. Wheeee~

I should go to bed.