Thursday, January 27, 2011

Make way for the Troll Princess

The first assignment for Fantasy Art this semester: to tackle a fantasy cliche with either hyperbole or a plain old fresh take. I wanted to do something with trolls, but as trolls aren't much of an overbearing presence in the greater part of the fantasy genre, I added the stereotype of the "warrior princess," which definitely brings strong images to mind - good, bad, whatever.

And so we have this pair of troll sisters, who are sort of quasi-princesses, since their parents were pretty big and bad (or something?).

The real star of this piece (the one directly dealing with the cliche) is clearly the character in front. I wanted to take the (very) general image of the "warrior princess" (statuesque, outrageously gorgeous, great hair, huge tits, bikini armor, etc.), and nix everything but the bikini.

I had a lot of fun doing this piece and really enjoy these two characters. Expect to see them again, haha.

And so begins the last three months of school, ever.